About Sanshin Kan International

world-globe1Sanshin Kan is a tradition of Shito-ryu and and the central organization for all dojos around the world that train and spread the tradition of Sanshinkan-ryu Karate.

Sanshin Kan International is a independent world wide organization that include people from different countries, religions and cultures.

The Hombu dojo and fundament of the organisation is in Stockholm, Sweden, where Soke Tamas Weber live and daily teach the art of Sanshinkan Shito ryu

Sanshinkan is not a modern invented karate style but a tradition where Soke Tamas Weber has organized the skill and experience that Soke has learned and developed over more than 60 years of training. Sanshinkan is Sokes tradition of traditional Shito-ryu Karate.

The Sanshin Kan International welcome karate clubs around the world, that share the fundaments and principles of traditional karate, to be a member of Sanshin Kan International.

Today Sanshin Kan International have members in 5 continents. Soke and other senior members of Sanshin Kan conduct international camps several times a year in different countries.

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      Sanshin-Kan International is represented in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and USA…

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