Tamas Weber


Tamas was born 1942 and has been training karate since the early 50s. In 1957 Tamas was graduated to his first black belt. Today Tamas holds the rank of Kudan (9th degree black belt) in World Karate federation and he has also been honoured the rank of Judan (10th degree black belt i Shito-ryu Motobu-ha) in Japan.

During his more than 50 years of martial arts experience he has also achieved black belts in Judo, aikido and jiu-jutsu. Tamas was as in 2009 the first europeen ever inducted to The Masters Hall of Fame in USA.

Trough his long experience of the early karate, Tamas has trained under several of the famous masters of karate, such as ChojiroTani, Shogo Kuniba, Yoshinao Nambu, Fujiwara, Teruo Hayashi, Kawata, Miyazato and more. Tamas has during periods lived on Okinawa and visited Japan regular since the 60s.

Tamas introduced several of the large Shito-ryu styles to Sweden and other countries, such as Shukokai, Sankukai and Motobu-ha.

Tamas has been an instructor since 1965 and during the 70s he was a part of the Swedish national team in karate. 1969 did Tamas move to Sweden to spread traditional karate in Scandinavia and he has not stoped yet. Since the 70s have Tamas traveled to different countries around the world to teach and conduct seminars. 

Tamas Weber served with honour in the rank of the legendary Foreign Legion during the 60s. Tamas has written two books about his life: The Warrior's Rose and The Song of the Desert.

Tamas is recognised as one of Europe's premier close combat experts. He has trained Police and Armed Forces in close combat and self-defence in various countries around the world.

Today Tamas runs Svea kampsportcenter, a centre for Martial Arts in Stockholm, where various Martial Arts clubs is gathered under the same roof.

Besides running the centre and being an active instructor in is karate club Tamas focus on the development of Sanshin Kan International, to which he is the founder.

Soke Tamas Weber, founder of Sanshin Kan

Founders Ranks in Karate

1st Dan, Sawabe Ironishi, 1957

2nd Dan, Chojiro Tani, 1965

3rd Dan, Chojiro Tani, 1970

4th Dan, Yoshinao Nambu, 1973

5th Dan, Teuro Hayashi, 1978

6th Dan, Tsunaygoshi Ogura, 1979

7th Dan, Shogo Kuniba, 1983

8th Dan, Toshio Kaneta, 1991

8th Dan, World Karate Federation, 1996

9th Dan, Toshio Kaneta, 2000

9th Dan, World Karate Federation, 2000

10th Dan, Toshio Kaneta, 2005

10th Dan, UMAAI 2012



60s Shukokai Tani-ha as a official representative in Sweden. 

70s Sankukai Sankudo as a official representative in Sweden.

80s Seishinkai Motobu-ha as a official representative and responsible for the organization in Europe and Middle East. 

90s Motobu-ha World Federation Kaneta-ha and Sanshin Kan International.

00s Sanshin Kan International

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Official Certificates of Soke Tamas Weber
Soke Tamas Weber & Sanshin Kan