1. Sanshin Kan Camp 2017

    Sanshin Kan Camp 2017

    Welcome to 2017 International Training Seminar Fee for the whole seminar is 80 EUR/800 SEK, one da... Read more...
  2. The book about Sanshin Kan

    The book about Sanshin Kan

      The English version about Shito-ryu Sanshinkan is now available.The book includes th... Read more...
  3. Tamas Weber

    Tamas Weber

      Tamas was born 1942 and has been training karate since the early 50s. In 1957 Tamas... Read more...
  4. Hombu Dojo Sanshin Karate Club

    Hombu Dojo Sanshin Karate Club

    Sanshin Karate Club is one of the oldest Karate clubs in Sweden, Stockholm, and was established duri... Read more...
  5. About Sanshin Kan International

    About Sanshin Kan International

    Sanshin Kan is a tradition of Shito-ryu and and the central organization for all dojos around the wo... Read more...
  6. Magazines & Newspapers

    Magazines & Newspapers

    Tamas Weber, his students and organization has been featured in national and international press s... Read more...